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The extremists may be loud...

How Do You Spell Dysfunction?

Welcome to the Late Stage Capitalism Era of Public Education

School Board Meeting or Episode of All My Children?

Why Secular AZ is leaving Twitter/X/Xitter

We've Reached the Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud Stage

Deeply. Unserious. Boardsmanship.

Myopic? Entitled? Privileged? Or All of the Above

Collective Existential Anxiety

Pumpkin Spice, Fall Leaves, and Christofascist BS

Another Week, Another PVUSD Meeting...

PUSD Board Meeting: No One's Laughing

Paradise Valley School Board Meeting: All About Evolution (of Public Comments)

Eating Bugs and Transgender Nudist Colony Bathrooms?

Things that are Ponderous in DVUSD

Three Stooges or DVUSD Study Session?

Secular Activist Lady Goes to the Peoria City Council Meeting

Glutton for Punishment

It's a Hot (MAGA) Mess

Excuse Me Ma’am, Your Racism is Showing

Like Watching a Car Crashing Into a Trainwreck (While a Nuclear Bomb Goes Off)

Law, God, and Attacks on Women

Mesa... We Have a Problem

Procedural Missteps, White Supremacy & Fake Electors, Oh My!

Supreme Court Opinions 2023

Dear God...

Fetal Heartbeat Laws Defy Science, Religion and Law...

PVUSD: Elect Clowns, Expect a Circus

Peoria Unified School Board Member Calls for Extermination of Non-Christians...

I watched the Biblegate!!!™ hearing so you don't have to

Nazi haircuts, conspiracy theories and bible verses...

SUSD: Where Teaching Kids to be Kind is Now a Front in the "Culture War"

"Science was created by god, legitimately, to be constant."

"Am I At a School Board Meeting or a Church Sermon?"

How the Right Perverts and Weaponizes Child Protection

On the Nature of Things

#NotADragQueen: Every Accusation a Confession

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